About Us

TAK Kitchen System is the result of 47 years’ experience of our specialists in the Interior Decoration and Cabinet Industry. Brand name “TAK” aims to develop and promote the art in the field of Decoration Kitchen Cabinet industry.
Supporting the interests, specialty, willing and benefiting from efficient and well-skilled personnel, this firm could be increasingly developed.
By its high potency of production, TAK Kitchen System could provide a desirable platform for meeting the needs of customers in construction projects and its wooden hardware such that it could maximally use of minimum space.
Taking advantage of its customers’ views, TAK Kitchen Co. tries to make you benefited from having a calm and well-equipped house by designing a calm and pleasant environment for you.
Designing and producing different types of wooden classic cabinets with natural stones are some of innovations provided by TAK. Therefore, it is our pleasure, as a creative and innovative company having new kind of products in the markets nationally and internationally and increasing our advocates day-to-day.
Some main policies of company include benefiting from well-experienced and skilled teams in sub-categories such as production, commerce, designing, selling, administrative and provisions.
We hope by God willing, we can not only take invaluable steps in this route for promoting this profession but also providing long standing, integrated and competent cooperation during years of our services.